Ken passed away March 18, 2015 in Lion's Gate Hospital, North Vancouver, BC from cancer.  He is survived by his wife Judy, son Robert, sister Louise (Tudy), brother Ron, niece Suzanne, many nieces and nephews and countless friends.

I have never met anyone who did not like Ken.  He was always helping some one with something.  He could fix almost anything from cars to plumbing.  He spent his last 12 years working graveyard shift at 3 Way Chevron.  Never missed a days work, very healthy.

We were married for 30 years.  We had our ups and downs like most couples, but over the years we learned to get along better.  He had a good sense of humour and would shed tears in a sad part of a movie.  I had great respect for Ken and felt very secure with him.

Because Ken was so healthy, I became greatly concerned when he started having back pain which got increasingly worse over February.  His doctor kept sending him for xrays and giving him stronger pain pills.  Early in March he told me he could not live with the pain anymore.  I begged him to switch doctors, get a 2nd opinion to find out what was wrong, he said his doctor knew what he was doing.  He started making regular trips to ER for a pain shot.  Then he could not eat and was throwing up very bad....I knew he was not telling me everything then.  Then early on a Sunday morning he had a cab driver friend take him to get groceries while I was still asleep.  I woke up and saw all the groceries still in the bags (unsual as he always put them away) I went through the apartment looking for him and saw his back pack gone.  I called ER..he was there and they got him to the phone.  He said he just got a pain shot and would be home in the morning and made me promise not to come up.  Next day, he wasn't home, his cell was still dead so I had a nurse get him to phone me.  He said he decided to stay an extra day and promised to charge up his cell and again asked me not to come up.  That was Monday.  Tuesday at 8:30AM I got a call from a doctor at the hospital and he said get up here asap your husband is dying!  What, I said he went for a shot for the pain in his back you must be thinking of another patient.  He said Ken never told you?  What? I asked.  He has cancer and is in the final stages.....I will be right up.

Ken was on morphine for the pain and kept pulling his oxygen off and trying to get out of bed, saying I want to go home, over & over again.  They gave him something to calm him down and with tears rolling down my face I stayed and told him I loved him and and tears were rolling down his face.  He was to have radiation on his spine that afternoon, but his condition was to poor to give the treatment.  I finally went home in shock.  Early Wed morning (8:30AM) The same doctor called and said Ken had had a heart attack, but they saved him, however all his organs were shutting down but the hearing is the last to go, please get here asap.  I remembered to call his sister and we both arrived at the hospital.  His nurse said he was very agitated and could here me.  His sister was crying and left the room so I could talk to Ken.  I told him he was and always would be the love of my life.  Also stroked his head showered him with kisses and hugs and told him he was a very good husband.  Finally I could no longer hold the crying back so left the room and the nurse said she was monitoring him while I was with him and he completely relaxed.  I had to run home for a pain killer for my arthritic knee and told his nurse  would be right back.  I was just putting my coat on to go back and the doctor phoned telling me Ken had passed away.  He asked if I wanted to see him, I said no,  want to remember him warm and still alive.

I was in shock for months and crying so hard, a friend down the hall came down and held me in her arms and let me cry.  At least he is not in pain anymore, I am happy about that.

It has been 1and a half years now and I still miss Ken....."The Love of My Life".

"I Love you, my sweet Ken"
My soul mate, best friend, loyal, loving, caring, trustworthy.
"Love Always & Forever"
You were, are, and always will be "The Love of my Life"

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