Writing about myself is not easy as I am a private person and do not normally talk much about myself.  I guess we start with my name, Judy.

I was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  Born in January whch makes me an Aquarius.  When I was 15 my Mom left my Dad and brought my brother Jon & I to Vancouver, BC.  I have never liked it here, but there seems to always been something getting in my way of returning to Ottawa.  All the rain really gets to me and the lack of 4 seasons just seems not right.  The people here are very transient and cold.  It is a hard place to make friends.

I am very happily married to a wonderful man. He is my soul mate and the love of my life. I have a daughter & son, who are both grown up, son is married and daughter prefers a career to being married.  At the moment both are too busy with their own lives to keep in touch with me.

- My Interests:
- Music, working on the computer, reading, cleaning house, listening to talk shows on the radio, having a good conversation with an intelligent person.

- Favorite Singer:  Canadian singer/songwriter, Jann Arden.

- Favorite DVD's:  Miami Vice (have all 5 seasons & watched it twice.)  ER, have season 1 - 8.  Dallas, have season 1 - 8.  Without A Trace, have season 1 & 2.  Little House on the Pairie, am up to season 4.

- Favorite Colors:  mauve and pink

- Favorite Food:  Roast beef with roasted potatoes & lots of gravy.

- Favorite Sports:  NHL Hockey, Thoroughbred horse racing.

Upfate: My husband passed away suddenly April/2014 A Memorial page is listed on the site map:

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