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I often wondered why my feet seemed to be crying out for help!  It was not my feet, but what my body was suffering with.  I twigged on to this when I read that Princess Diana had her feet massaged to get rid of a cold.  This got me thinking and I started researching it.  I got a chart of the feet and gave it a try.  I have severe back pain and can not take any pain meds.  I massaged that spot for the spine gently and the back pain went away.  Massaging the right area for pain, colds, headaches, neck pain, sinus problems, stomach problems etc will give you releif and you won't need pain or cold products.  Men can use this method and children also.

I suggest you get a massage cream, or use a light lotion or cream that you like.  Massage gently for as long as needed or as long as you like.

Below is a picture of the chart I use.  There is a link at the bottom of page for a printable version, also a link to zip file of the graphic.


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